BOMAFA sets the tone for the next generation: Start of the mentoring program for our colleague Rana Iskandar

X-Mentoring Rhein-Ruhr for the sixth time with Cross Mentoring, we are there

For us it is a matter of course to promote our employees, because only then will a company like BOMAFA be strong and sustainable. Now we have taken the next step and as a company are participating in this mentoring program for the first time. Our managing director Friedrich Appelberg as mentor and our colleague from accounting Rana Iskandar as mentee.
This cross-company mentoring, which is called cross mentoring, is not only promising, but also enables our company to realize this innovative approach to human resource development. In particular, we want to promote our female junior staff with this program. Rana Iskandar also has a special (success) story to offer.

Integration is an opportunity for companies - female executives first
We still stand for that. Still, because our colleague is a convincing example with us now for over two years. Having learned German in just eight months in 2016, starting an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk through a "random" internship with us, she has always been a valued, integrated and committed employee in our accounting department. She studied economics in Damascus, Syria's capital, and has a penchant for numbers that is rarely found.
"It is a great opportunity for me to get to know my potential and above all to develop it further. Every day, I learn so much that I can bring to my job and work with my colleagues. And now come the valuable advice and discussions with my mentoring Susanne Drüge added, "says Rana Iskandar.
And continues: "It is also important to me that I can give something back for all that I have received from BOMAFA and Mr. Appelberg in support. I know that's not self-evident. Maybe in the future I can pass on my knowledge to new apprentices. "

Mentoring program started with tandem education in 2018
The tandems of mentee and mentor, who now work together for mentoring for one year at the kick-off event last year in Bochum at the end of September, looked for and found each other.

The focus of this collaboration is on the personal support of experienced executives who help young executives to develop their potential effectively. In addition to the professional qualification, this includes access to networks and the support of strengths.

Personality development and corporate development in harmony

"Promoting and supporting our employees strengthens our company, which is really quite simple," adds Friedrich Appelberg, Managing Director of BOMAFA. And continues: "Ms. Iskandar has also convinced me with her story and above all with her commitment. BOMAFA is - even internationally - strong through its products and its experts, ie the employees. Twenty-five percent of them have a migrant background and bring in their diverse potentials every day. We are proud of that. This program expands the personal horizon and promotes personality development. We benefit directly from this! It underlines our concern to be an open company. "

BOMAFA, a strong team here too.
As always, we will keep you updated.

The picture shows Rana Iskandar (right) with her mentor Susanne Drüge, Head of Legal at BOGESTRA AG (left) at the kick-off event in Bochum.
Picture credits: Angelika Thiele, Herne

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BOMAFA quality and punctuality, two of the essential features of our work
The Gadarwara project has been with us for a good while, more than two years. Now, with "Gadarwara unit 2", the next stage of construction in this ambitious and important project in India is on. We have handed over the LP Turbine Bypass station for our Indian customer BHEL to our packaging partner on schedule.

Imposing around 10 tons with a total height of 5.2 m and a seat diameter of 454 mm go on the four to five weeks journey. As always, there is excellent BOMAFA quality in this highly specialized LP Turbine Bypass station, a combined shut-off and control valve. We are a little proud of this technical and logistical achievement.

Thermal power plant with 2 x 800 megawatt is a challenge for all involved
The Gesamp project, the Gadarwara thermal power plant, is a good challenge for our diversion stations with the planned 2 x 800 megawatt. And just for everyone involved.
BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.) is increasingly relying on BOMAFA quality for these highly specialized valves. BHEL manufactures the turbines for the well-known state utility NTPC, which builds the thermal power plant.

How will this continue? Of course we will keep you up to date.

Pictures: From left to right: Handover to our packaging partner, assembly of the internal parts, trim of the shut-off valve with steam strainer and spring cylinder and hydraulic drive, pressure test on the inlet side, let's go.

01 Gadarwara Verladen 02 Gadarwara Verladen 03 Gadarwara Verladen 04 Gadarwara Verladen 05 Gadarwara Verladen



Tradition and innovation - yesterday, today, tomorrow
We continue our series "insights into the company" with the visit of a former employee.
We value all our employees and are always happy when we meet the alumni again. Not just to rave about old times.
But also. In the case of Mr. Nückel, "engineering man" and head of the construction of the first hour, we recently met someone who was also groundbreaking for BOMAFA and the world of valves.

Yesterday and today: the cornerstones of precision and resilience in focus
Mr. Nückel, came to BOMAFA in the 1960s, at that time still at the old location in Bochum and built up the department of construction with four designers. As a trainer, draftsman, all-rounder, he set the focus that still applies today: Precision and resilience of our valves.
And, he was instrumental in pioneering developments of our core products. Above all, the low-noise pressure reduction even with large pressure differences and in combination with the superheated steam cooling with integrated injection (Transformer), motive steam assisted injection and the downstream pressure atomization.
"Of course, we have developed all of these developments, some of them considerably, to the present day, and we owe this cornerstone of numerous products and product elements to this designer who is still bursting with ideas. And this spirit can still be felt at this age, "says Bertram Gögelein, Technical Director of BOMAFA, describing the encounter with the former chief designer.

Today and tomorrow: other media, the precision remains
"Today, you all draw with the computer what we used to do by hand. But the quality and the precision have to be exactly the same ", says Nückel, more than 90 years old, to the staff of the technical office.
And the colleagues confirm this very clearly: the requirements for valves with higher temperatures, greater wear resistance may have increased, precision and quality have always been crucial to success.
After the extensive management, which has inspired Mr. Nückel all around, we could still admire some of his drawings, in the old BOMAFA catalogs! Nice to see how tradition and innovation meet here.
By the way, everyone agreed after the "high visit": we all wish to have such a wealth of technical ideas at this age.

The pictures show Mr. Nückel (middle) and our managing directors Friedrich Appelberg (right) and Bertram Gögelein (left), in a larger round with the technical office and two illustrations from the fitting program catalog.

01 Nckel 10 2018 02 Nckel 10 2018 03 Nckel 10 2018  04 Nckel 10 2018


BOMAFA Germany and BOMAFA India: united valve power for major project in India
The Telangana Super Thermal Power Project (TSTPP) power plant is being built by our customer GE General Electric in Ramagundam, Telangana, India, we supply the fittings.

Multi-level construction with impressive total capacity
The coal-fired power plant is currently in the construction of the first phase for a capacity of 1,600 megawatts, divided into two units of 800 megawatts. The total capacity of 4,000 megawatts is planned, making this power plant one of the world's largest power plants. The first power plant, NTPC Ramagundam, has a capacity of 2,600 megawatts.

Double BOMAFA Power in India: a true international BOMAFA project
BOMAFA supplies the HP and LP bypass fittings for this project, working in a truly international team. The construction of all required fittings is designed in Germany, the HP Bypass valves are made here in Bochum. The LP bypass stations and the water control valves are manufactured by BOMAFA India.

The overall responsibility for the project lies with BOMAFA Germany and this has important advantages for the entire group and the customers. The fittings are manufactured to a high quality standard according to German standards, the cost advantages are passed on to the customers. This strengthens competitiveness internationally.

The fact that this production takes place at a known high BOMAFA quality level and thus secures the location of India is also a result of the investments of the past months. In March of this year, we reported that we will optimize the location of India and adapt it to the technological standard of Germany to ensure in-house production.

Friedrich Appelberg, Managing Director of BOMAFA, summarizes: "These investments in machinery and teamwork have paid off on several occasions. We are thus in the best position to produce special valves at a high level, to ensure quality and to be competitive in the Indian market. "
As always with BOMAFA: Successful international teamwork and an international win-win situation!

The pictures show the BOMAFA factory in India.

1 India Telangana Projekt  3 India Telangana Projekt  4 India Telangana Projekt  5 India Telangana Projekt