High performance coatings

Special coatings for a maximum  performance of your valves under critical conditions like corrosion and wear.

All coatings are made and will be further developed by Karl Schumacher GmbH, a member of BOMAFA group.

  • KS-InductiveCoat
  • KS-CeraCoat (plasma spraying)
  • KS-SuperCoat and KS-HardCoat (HVOF)
  • KS-MetalCoat (metal spraying)

KS-HardCoat / KS-SuperCoat

The hard (up to 1400 HV 0.3) and extremely dense HVOF coatings "KS-HardCoat" do not only offer an excellent wear and corrosion protection but also protect against abrasion, cavitation, erosion and sliding wear efficiently.

Due to the low heat during the process of coating, temperature-sensitive components can easily coated with KS-HardCoat.

More information

 Brochure: Thermal Spraying



The inductively - melted coating "KS-InductiveCoat" is 100 % gas tight and metallurgically bonded to the base material. It protects outstandingly against corrosion (even at very high operating temperatures) and offers maximum reliability since these layers can not flake off. The coating materials themselves have a very good chemical resistance and thus permit a wide range of applications. Mainly nickel-base alloys are used.

    Properties of KS-InductiveCoat
  • Applicable for all new or refurbished trim parts
  • 100 % gas tight, coating layer of 1,5 mm
  • Non-flaking
  • Outstanding control characteristics
  • No stick-slip effect
  • Extremely wear-resistant at packings of pure graphite
  • Excellent corrosion resistance


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