On-Site-Service and Spare Parts

BOMAFA guarantees for the lifelong availability of original spare parts for your steam valves. Local on-site service teams are at your disposal for commissioning and repairing works as well as for supervision.

Scope of service
  • Commissioning
  • Check-up
  • Installation of spare parts
  • Repairing works
  • Calibration of actuators

Modifications and updates

BOMAFA supports you whenever your installed valves need to be updated acc. to new operational parameters. If you opt for a modification or retrofit, we execute this cost-efficiently on site or at our factory.

Your contact
Ralf Hinz
After-Sales Service
+49 (0)2327 992 165
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Newly manufactured parts are not the only solution of choice. Existing components can often be repaired and improved to qualify valves for new operational parameters and modes.

Besides machining, BOMAFA provides the latest coating technologies to increase the durability and wear resistance of your components.

With the KS-Inductive Coat your valves obtain a non flaking, 100% gas-tight coating with optimal frictional properties.