Special Valve Solutions

Special valve designs according to customer specification are a strength of BOMAFA. Wherever valves are needed which go beyond the standard, we feel at home.

We would be pleased to develop customized valves for your plant. 




HP/LP Turbine Bypass System

HP/LP turbine bypass system with isolation valves and hydraulic control unit.

HP Control Valves

Multi-stage water injection control valves with hydraulic actuators.

Dump Tube 

Dump tube in special design with casing and a multi-stage pressure reduction.

HP Gate Valve

Gate valve made of forged material A182 F91 with pressure seal and electric actuator.

3-Way Gate Vale

3-way gate valves with electric actuators.

LP Turbine Bypass Valves 

LP turbine bypass valves in z-shape with radial desuperheaters and hydraulic actuators with safety function.

LP Shut-Off and Control Valves

Combined LP shut-off and control valves with two hydraulic actuators each.

HP/LP Turbine Bypass Valves

HP/LP turbine bypass valves with motive steam assisted desuperheaters.

Axial On-Off Valves 

Axial on-off valves for natural gas with pneumatic actuators with safety fuction.