The specialist for steam valves

BOMAFA develops and produces high-quality valves for steam, gas and water. The valves are used in nearly all kinds of power plants, in chemical and petrochemical plants and in a range of various other industrial applications.

 Company: BOMAFA Armaturen GmbH


2018 is our year of the future direction - Digital connection of the Machine Park as a goal

Our values as a medium-sized family business are, together with the high quality of our products and services, the important contributors to a successful future. Therefore, we are constantly working on the digital - optimization of production lines and services. By expanding the Manufacturing Plant in Bochum, it is now possible to organize BOMAFA productivity in a more concentrated and effective manner under one roof.
With the targeted investments in the existing machinery, the digitilization of the central processes (CAM, SAP) and the great innovation efforts in the optimization of our construction, we not only give a clear commitment to the location in Bochum but we stand by our customers and partners as a BOMAFA future and service-orientated group.

Competence Center Germany - Internationally successful

Keyword: Mechanical Engineering 4.0, Your Advantage: Our optimized CNC Machine offers a clear advantage through a connection to our CAM - Computer Added Manufacturing: faster production with far fewer errors, because everything is represented in the process control and implemented immediately.

Keyword: Flexibility and Reaction Speed: The new two-shift operation makes it possible, so we are not only more competitive, but also have more satisfied and well-trained employees.

Keyword: Medium-sized International: Manufacturing cooperation worldwide!
A correspondingly improved On-Site Service and the support of our Production Team taking responsibility in India.
All in favor of Quality and Customers.

Keyword: Dynamic turnaround: We are focusing on the fittings service, because we have pooled all our expertise in the BOMAFA Group. A great offer at the right time.
Just Future-orientated.

Conclusion: For 100 years Made in Germany by BOMAFA, there are so many reasons.