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In addition to solutions based on thermal spray coatings, we are also at your side with advanced repair polymers. Our mechanical manufacturing department repairs your damaged components ready for installation and usually optimised and manufactures complete new parts with optimum properties in terms of wear and corrosion. Basically, we are positioned in such a way that we can also perform the above services directly at your premises, depending on the requirements of our on-site service.

Thermal spraying

Thermal spraying provides protection against wear and corrosion during repair or new production of components. As standard, we coat components up to a length of 8,300 mm and a diameter of 1,500 mm (2,500 mm). In principle, we can also coat larger components directly at your site.

Mechanical manufacturing

Repair, new production, ready-to-install delivery, series production: All these variants result in different production processes, which first generate interfaces. If you want to keep these interfaces on your own responsibility, we limit ourselves to the desired work step. However, if you only want to define the requirements for your component and the delivery date, you can also transfer the processing of all resulting work steps with the corresponding interfaces to us. We are happy to assume this responsibility for you.

On-site service

Holistic solutions for complex tasks through competent consulting, implementation and on-site services.

Your contact person for coatings

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