BOMAFA as a trade partner

BOMAFA is expanding its portfolio to include trade products with extensive warranties and services, allowing customers to benefit from affordable prices and the well-known BOMAFA service, comfort and quality guarantee.

"This is fantastic news", was the feedback from numerous discussions with our long-standing customers and interested purchasing teams about the expanded trading offering. Due to ongoing cost pressures, global sourcing has long been a viable alternative for many customers. As the quality of products in the valve industry is becoming more and more similar on an international level - at least for standard configurations - the attractiveness of new sources of supply is growing. China and India, in particular, are offering products that meet buyers' evaluation criteria.

However, as attractive as global sourcing is for the balance sheet, successful procurement of valves or individual components from third countries brings challenges that often do not exist with EU suppliers. Of course, we all remember the supply shortages of recent years. In addition, when trained personnel are not available, transparent coordination is often difficult. Even cultural differences between countries are not always easily overcome. Quality control or proofreading must also include technical, linguistic and methodological moderation. This requires a lot of effort in terms of personnel and structures, which can easily undermine the price advantage.

BOMAFA is known for the quality of its products - 100% manufactured on domestic production lines. Guaranteed and enhanced with important value-added services. Made in Germany as a modern quality promise.

We are now extending this quality commitment to trade products from Brazil, India and China. Together with our local partners, we have developed processes that allow us to inspect products manufactured in these countries at our factory in Bochum, Germany, before they are shipped to customers. There, they are provided with warranties or customized with additional components.

This gives our customers the best of both worlds:

  • Customized products

  • Optimal prices

  • The BOMAFA quality guarantee

  • Delivery processing and proof of delivery

  • Transparent communication

Conclusion: The advantages over other trade organizations are obvious: BOMAFA is a manufacturing company that inspect quality professionally, assemble parts, add components, and manage contracts, communications, and projects.

Our partners are:

  • Valteksul in Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • BOMAFA GCC in Dubai, UAE (majority owned BOMAFA)

  • Shenzhen Flowtec Science & Technology Developement, China

  • BOMAFA India