100 years of BOMAFA: a strong company thanks to its international presence

On the recently completed trip to Asia, our managing director Friedrich Appelberg visited current BOMAFA projects in India, Korea, China and the Philippines to get a current and, above all, personal impression of the most important Asian markets and their potential. This was accompanied by visits to representatives and partners and, of course, the exchange with the companies in the BOMAFA Group.

Asia: great potential for the valve industry, great demand for quality from BOMAFA
The trip started in India, with visits to Hydac India in Bombay, BOMAFA India in Ahmedabad, to our representative in New Delhi and a visit to the 800 MegaWatt power plant in Kothagudem near Hyderabad. There our customer BHEL delivered the turbine to the customer with our LP bypass fittings.
We continued to Korea with visits to customers and representatives and the impression that despite, or perhaps because of, increased competition among power plant builders, there is great long-term potential for us.
It got quite technical in the Philippines in Manila where he visited our plant builders. We are very excited to see what Friedrich Appelberg will tell us and how it will continue here.

Next Stop China with a visit to BOMAFA China in Shanghai, in our BOMAFA office at Flowtec Science in Shenzhen and return via Hong Kong.
The conclusion: “We are well positioned with our local solutions and service at a high quality level. Of course, lower costs and a local or regional BOMAFA service are always welcome. In the end, it is the quality and the tailor-made solution that count, ”sums up Friedrich Appelberg.

We work on this every day here in Bochum in cooperation with our international partners. In the interest of our customers and in the interest of the location in Bochum! Because for us, openness is also a guarantee for securing a location.
BOMAFA, a strong - international team.