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Successful completion of the mentoring program of our colleague Rana Iskandar: we continue to set the tone for the next generation

BOMAFA promotes young talent and takes personality development and corporate development equally seriously. For us it is a matter of course to promote our employees, because that is how we ensure the sustainability of our company. Based on this we took part in the cross-mentoring of the X-Mentoring Rhein-Ruhr and our colleague from the bookkeeping, Rana Iskandar, has just completed the program as a mentee.

The cross-company mentoring has met all our expectations. Focus of this collaboration was the personal support given by experienced executives to help young executives developing their potential effectively. Of course, this includes access to networks and the support of strengths, in addition to technical qualifications.

Integrating and empowering female leaders is an opportunity for companies
"In the time of this mentoring program, I have not only received many suggestions and really good advice. I also got a girlfriend in Mrs. Drüge. And, in every situation in my work, especially in the difficult ones, I always look with a second, different look at the matter. It really strengthened me, both technically and personally, "says Rana Iskandar.

"At the very impressive closing event, it became clear that all participants in this year's group perceived cross-mentoring as an enrichment and support for their daily work. The personality was strengthened. Good for Mrs. Iskandar and good for BOMAFA, "adds Friedrich Appelberg, Managing Director of BOMAFA.

BOMAFA, a strong team.
As always: we will report.

The first picture shows Rana Iskandar (right) with her mentor Susanne Drüge, Head of Law at BOGESTRA AG (left) at the closing event in Bochum.
The second picture shows the graduation certificat