100 Years BOMAFA - Tradition and Innovation

BOMAFA offers a new, innovative solution from one source: the autonomous, digitally controlled pressure and temperature regulator processes several tasks in power plants

Steam conditioning valves with pneumatic actuators can now be designed more efficiently with an expanded range of BOMAFA scope of supply. The innovation combines several sub-processes in a single control cabinet and was developed together with the sister company asfa-Antriebssysteme. A special highlight is Speed ​​Controlic, a new type of quick opening controlled by software. In this way, overshoot can be reliably avoided with very fast controls.

All in one control system

This means that the complete pressure and temperature control and the position control of the actuators or the combined steam and water fittings are not implemented in the control system, but that all components required for these functions can be accommodated in a common control system. In the BOMAFA solution, the highlight is that this black box also includes the electro-pneumatic control of a safety quick-release (according to DIN EN ISO 4126-5 or DIN EN 12952-10) and a regulated quick opening. All these required integrated functions can be carried out with the help of a single electrical control system.

Digital transformation together with BOMAFA

"In the BOMAFA group, that means with our sister company asfa-Antriebssysteme and other participating electronic specialist companies, which have proven to be particularly powerful in programming, we are now able to supply a completely self-sufficient control unit for pressure and temperature control from a single source. BOMAFA has created a new important opportunity on the market to deliver customized complete solutions from a single source. In this way, the customer takes an important step in digital transformation with us and we are clearly differentiating ourselves from many competitors, ”said BOMAFA Managing Director Friedrich Appelberg on the new product range.

By the way: Our black box has just been used successfully by one of our customers, the Hürth power plant.