100 years BOMAFA - tradition and innovation

Theory and science in business practice: business process management optimized

You have to work continuously on innovation and keep the tradition in mind. That innovation and competitiveness are closely linked to digitization is another logical consequence.
That's why we took the opportunity this year to not only re-record and graphically record processes with the digitization project of business process management, but also to optimize them in some places. And we continue to work on it and look forward to receiving the support of our former student Mr. Strogalski. Do you remember? We’ve posted about him and his work in August. Meanwhile, Mr. Strogalski moved on and supports us in terms of digitization & Co. so continue with expertise and just with a fresh breeze.

Business Process Management: Concepts stand, the tool is selected and in use
The team around Mr. Strogalski had created a requirement profile as a matrix with five key categories in which the preselected GPM systems had to prove themselves.
The race has now been made by the so-called Bizagi Modeler. The freeware tool was able to convince us in almost all categories. Among other things, the tool performed particularly well when published within the company. So here's how employees can access the process information. Also the simulation function, for the estimation of process times and costs convinced us. What else? In terms of functionality and usability of the portal, the system even wins against some of the paid alternatives. The relevant information such as processes, quality management manual, procedures, work instructions and forms are available in one place exactly what we needed.

Convincing process and documentation portal
Why did the Bizagi Modeler convince us and what do we do with this digitalization tool?
We have accordingly developed a modern, interactive process and documentation portal, via which all important process information together with the entire quality management documentation can be accessed.
Currently, the portal is installed on the company's own server and thus accessible to all employees. We plan to integrate the GPM into our internal wiki, which we are currently building. This makes the GPM part of the knowledge base.
Furthermore, we have already been able to implement several optimizations regarding the order processing of assembly operations, so that our goal of reducing internal processing times has been achieved. Some more optimizations are pending.

Will you be following? We look forward to seeing you continue our "countdown" through our BOMAFA anniversary year. There is still so much to tell, from the people and the technology here.
See you soon!