A sustainable and successful start for BOMAFA into a new decade with Siemens Gas and Water as a customer

Successful start of BOMAFA in 2020

Under the project management of Ralf Franz, the responsible sales manager for Germany, BOMAFA has succeeded in equipping through our customer Siemens Gas and Power one of the most modern gas and steam turbine power plants with the latest BOMAFA technology, based on a century of experience. The highly efficient, flexible and natural gas power plant, which is run by Evonik Industries AG, will replace the last coal power plant still in operation at Marl Chemical Park. BOMAFA valves have also been used here for many decades. In the future, the BOMAFA valves will contribute a part to the saving of approx. One million tons of CO2 annually. After successfully signing the contract, production was started in January. The delivery will take place in summer 2020, but until then all departments involved are working ambitiously on the completion of the valves.

This project is also 100% made in Germany based on 100 years of experience.
We will of course keep you up to date and more Provide insight into this job.

Kind regards from Bochum,
your BOMAFA team