The advantages of being close to our suppliers

Our experts in purchasing are the faces of long-term and good supplier relationships - from left to right Mirko Lersch, Janosch Kulka and Marcus Dorau.

Over the past two years, there has been much debate about whether globalisation is now in retreat and international supply chains need to be renegotiated in the wake of the pandemic. With our customer relationships all over the world, we at BOMAFA are directly affected by this issue and have - like many other companies - intensively analysed what consequences we will have to prepare for.

To say it right away: we love the international merging of retail chains. We value our partners worldwide and benefit from their diversity, the different cultures and are enriched when we are in exchange locally or digitally around the globe.

With the unexpected and terrible war in Ukraine, a new event has now arisen that we have to face, as people, as colleagues, but also as a reliable partner in international value chains.

Once again we look at the current situation and feel confirmed in the fact that, despite the global orientation of our company, we have always organised our production close to home. This means that we have an exceptionally high vertical range of manufacture in Germany. Many of our suppliers are located within a radius of 50 kilometres from our production site in Wattenscheid and are therefore easy to reach.

The long and solid business relationships pay off. Once again we feel confirmed in our attitude of partnership also towards suppliers. Our purchasing experts Mirko Lersch, Marcus Dorau and Janosch Kulka stand for this continuity.

In addition to the high quality offered by the production site in Germany, we have short distances and are able to promise and meet delivery dates without variances. Especially our customers in Germany and the neighbouring Benelux countries appreciate this reliability enormously. This was confirmed to us again in numerous discussions at Pumps & Valves in Antwerp. But our international customers also benefit from this reliability.

In addition, we manufacture a large part of our production in-house and can therefore react very flexibly to customer requirements. Even urgent orders remain possible as a result. As a team, we have prepared ourselves for this and are geared to short reaction times.

This enables us to take care of new valves such as control valves, desuperheaters or turbine bypass stations at short notice, as well as to promise service or the maintenance of spare parts.

We have only adjusted the validity period of the prices - it is currently 4 weeks. This is because our suppliers only confirm their prices for a few days. Here, too, the high vertical range of manufacture helps and enables us to deal with this special situation responsibly and reliably. We can still meet delivery dates.

With all the question marks to which we have to find answers in a globally networked world, we at BOMAFA are glad that we have decided some things very clearly a long time ago: Working together in partnership, understanding each other and loyalty pay off - no matter where you are