Exploring New Horizons: BOMAFA's Trainees Adventure

Just as high school graduation is completed, school is finished, or other life exams are behind these young talents, they must once again adapt to something new. This transition is always accompanied by a latent uncertainty about whether it's the right choice. Always with the underlying uncertainty of whether it's the right path.

It's great when newcomer is warmly welcomed. Welcome to an unfamiliar work environment, a new team, and a new profession. We know exactly what that feels like. Many of us have been in your shoes, starting out fresh, just like you.

So now, here's our enthusiastic "Hello, how are you? We're delighted that you're here and that you've chosen us – you won't regret it!"

We can say this with confidence because the generations before you, including some of us, have felt and still feel comfortable with choosing BOMAFA as an excellent training place that provides trainees with numerous opportunities.

Expanding the horizon
Keanu still has a twinkle in his eye when he talks about his "business trip" to Taiwan. Yes, you read that right! In the first year of training as an industrial mechanic, that's quite an impressive experience. This opportunity became possible through the worldwide Rotary network.First and foremost, the genuine warmth of the people in Taiwan made the most significant impression on him. Life there is so entirely different; it's hard to put into words; you simply have to experience it. The work environments, the leisure activities, everything in Asia is different, often faster and seemingly more dynamic.

In any case, it's a genuine enthusiasm for Asia that was ignited by Keanu's two-week trip. He could even imagine living there. Keanu had already moved from Freiburg to Bochum for his training. Because of his several-month internship before starting his trainee programme at BOMAFA, he knew precisely what to expect and that the move was worthwhile. This curiosity and wanderlust align exceptionally well with the profile of a metal worker at BOMAFA. Our industrial mechanics and locksmiths work on assembly sites all over the world. A trip to Asia is therefore not just a "nice to have". For our trainees in production, such journeys are necessary preparations for the real professional world and, of course, of great value for personal development.

Max also joined the trip to Taiwan. In his second year of his trainee program as an industrial manager, he receives a lot but also gives in return. For him, working at BOMAFA is a career accelerator, and the flame of enthusiasm is definitely ignited. After completing his apprenticeship, he plans to start his studies in industrial engineering. He feels confident with the tasks and opportunities he has been able to explore at BOMAFA and wants to delve deeper to eliminate any professional uncertainties. His ambitions are significant and justified. We support him wherever we can.
Keanu and Max are not the only trainees. Spread across the three training years, there are seven trainees who are learning for life at BOMAFA. There are 2 Industrial Manager Trainees and 2 lathe operators who are new, and 3 others are in their second and third years of training. They all receive challenging tasks early on and have a plan specifying when they should learn what. Apprentices are important to us; they represent our future, you are our future – and we hold you in high regard (Of course, you also need to actively participate – but you surely understand what we mean, right?).

We have just taken on another trainee after he passed his final exams. That is our stated goal: we want to train you so well that we would gladly hire you ourselves. The job offer after a successful exam is our important promise.

So, all those who have not yet decided where they want to start their professional life: We offer to accompany you into this new world, with a lot of commitment, with a lot of understanding and our own interest in doing really well for you! In that sense, welcome!

Your apprentices and management team