Fresh Winds in Quality Management: New Experts on Board!

The year 2024 brings us a wave of changes, especially in our quality management, emphasizing our dedication to continuous quality improvement. BOMAFA's quality system will be based on several pillars in a new constellation with additional team members. We are pleased to introduce the new team members to you:

Welcome on board, Mr. Ali Akgül (IWE)

At the beginning of the year, Mr. Ali Akgül (IWE) joins our quality team. As an experienced welding supervisor and international welding engineer, he brings many years of experience and expertise, which is already been proven in our previous cooperation as an auditor and acceptance inspector. We are confident that his participation in our quality team will enhance the quality of our welding processes to a new level.

Collaboration with Joseph Consulting

Another highlight is our cooperation with Dipl.-Ing. Stephan Joseph from Joseph Beratung. In this year, he will support us with the upcoming ISO9001 recertification. With his extensive expertise in quality management, we are not only confident about the certification, but also looking forward to new approaches and added value that this collaboration will bring to BOMAFA and our customers.

Congratulations to Mr. Aler for his new position as Quality Assurance Officer

Last but not least, we would like to congratulate Mr. Aler on his new position as Quality Assurance Officer! After a successful Traineeship at BOMAFA, Mr. Aler has specialized in construction and project planning over the last 3 years and has contributed significantly to the success of BOMAFA with his in-depth technical knowledge in the field of construction and sales. Now he is expanding his expertise to the position of Quality Assurance Officer. We are confident that Mr. Aler will successfully contribute further to development and strengthening of quality assurance in his new area of responsibility.

We are optimistic for a successful 2024 with great cooperation and maintained quality.