Specializing on customer requirements right from the start: flexible offers and project planning

BOMAFA focuses exclusively on special Valve Solutions. For the design, special solutions mean that BOMAFA really implements all specified load cases. It is not uncommon for companies to underestimate the importance of individual load cases while planning power plants; Neglecting this aspect in disscussions is fatal for the plant. Incase there are minimal load cases, wear problem could occur. Once the valve has been built, design changes can only be implemented with great effort. Offering a standart solution, which is not exactly fitting the requirements is not our goal. We want to provide a special solution as early as possible. BOMAFA takes every load case into account and finds a constructive solution for it.

Always keeping an eye on customer requirements
For BOMAFA customers, this approach is very valuable and above all: efficient.

What this means in practice for BOMAFA customers:
BOMAFA evaluates technical tenders and request specifications and creates technical calculations (design, strength, driving forces, noise level, etc.). The experts also advise on the areas of application for BOMAFA products and recommend technical solutions. Finally, we create the offers and also take care of their follow-up. In the end, they evaluate and negotiate the relevant contracts.

The special BOMAFA service orientation, however, shows itself in the subtleties.
Keyword project support: BOMAFA is at your side at all times with advice and action, from the preparation of an offer to incoming orders and delivery. There is always a single contact person who supports the customer throughout the entire project, which guarantees continuity and high quality.
All of this is not included in a rigid framework, but BOMAFA stands for flexibility in the workflow, is constantly responsive to customers and is in frequent contact with the technical department of large national and international groups.

In summary: At BOMAFA, customer support does not end with delivery; BOMAFA is also available to its customers with advice and action afterwards.

BOMAFA, a strong team here too.
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