BOMAFA offers a new, innovative solution from a single source: the autonomous digitally controlled pressure and temperature control processes several tasks in power plants.
Steam Conditioning valves with pneumatic actuator can now be made more efficient with an expanded range of BOMAFA delivery contents. The innovation combines several sub-processes in a single control cabinet and was developed together with its sister company asfa-Antriebssysteme. A particular highlight in this is Speed Controlic, a novel, software-controlled quick opening. This reliably prevents the overshoot in the case of very fast control.

Everything in a control cabinet
This means that the complete pressure and temperature control as well as the position control of the actuator or the associated steam and water valves is not realized in the Distributed Control System (DCS), but that all components required for these functions can be accommodated in a common control cabinet. In the case of the BOMAFA solution, the key thing now is that this black box also includes the electro-pneumatic control of a safety quick closing (according to DIN EN ISO 4126-5 or DIN EN 12952-10) and a regulated quick opening. Thus, all these required integrated functions can be done with the help of a single electrical cabinet.

Digital transformation together with BOMAFA
"We can choose from the BOMAFA group, meaning, with our sister company asfa-Antriebssysteme and other involved electronic specialist companies, who have shown above all as very powerful in programming, now for the first time deliver a completely self-sufficient control unit for pressure and temperature control from a single source.
Thus, BOMAFA has created a new important opportunity on the market to provide the customer with customized complete solutions from a single source. In this way, the customer is taking an important step in the digital transformation together with us, and we are clearly setting ourselves apart from many competitors" said BOMAFA Managing Director Friedrich Appelberg about the new product range.

On a side note, our black box has just been successfully used by one of our customers, in the Hürth power plant.

The pictures show from left: Valve with pressure and temperature control and control cabinet.

01 asfa Druck Temperaturregler Armatur  02 asfa Druck Temperaturregler Schaltschrank


Theory and Science in Business Practice: Optimized Business Process Management

You have to work continuously on innovation and keep the tradition in mind. That innovation and competitiveness are closely linked to digitization is another logical consequence.
That's why we took the opportunity this year to not only re-record and graphically record processes with the digitization project of business process management, but also to optimize them in some places. And we continue to work on it and look forward to receiving the support of our former student Mr. Strogalski. Do you remember? We’ve posted about him and his work in August. Meanwhile, Mr. Strogalski moved on and supports us in terms of digitization & Co. so continue with expertise and just with a fresh breeze.

Business Process Management: Concepts stand, the tool is selected and in use
The team around Mr. Strogalski had created a requirement profile as a matrix with five key categories in which the preselected GPM systems had to prove themselves.
The race has now been made by the so-called Bizagi Modeler. The freeware tool was able to convince us in almost all categories. Among other things, the tool performed particularly well when published within the company. So here's how employees can access the process information. Also the simulation function, for the estimation of process times and costs convinced us. What else? In terms of functionality and usability of the portal, the system even wins against some of the paid alternatives. The relevant information such as processes, quality management manual, procedures, work instructions and forms are available in one place exactly what we needed.

Convincing process and documentation portal
Why did the Bizagi Modeler convince us and what do we do with this digitalization tool?
We have accordingly developed a modern, interactive process and documentation portal, via which all important process information together with the entire quality management documentation can be accessed.
Currently, the portal is installed on the company's own server and thus accessible to all employees. We plan to integrate the GPM into our internal wiki, which we are currently building. This makes the GPM part of the knowledge base.
Furthermore, we have already been able to implement several optimizations regarding the order processing of assembly operations, so that our goal of reducing internal processing times has been achieved. Some more optimizations are pending.

Will you be following? We look forward to seeing you continue our "countdown" through our BOMAFA anniversary year. There is still so much to tell, from the people and the technology here.
See you soon!

The pictures show our portal view (left) and the Bizagi Modeler in comparison (right)

1 Eng Bizagi Portal   2 Eng Bizagi im Vergleich


BOMAFA offers an insight into everyday life - Latest news: Successful functional test for use in the waste power plant RZR Herten
We continue our series with the insights into our work and will accompany the project at RZR Herten in the coming weeks.

Waste power plants: Complex systems with the highest demands on material and availability
The essential in the operation of waste power plants is the availability. Therefore, not only valves and piping, but all systems must meet the highest standards.
In cooperation with the engineering company SEEGER ENGINEERING, at the end of April we successfully completed the last important step before the new valve was delivered: the functional test for all these requirements.

Functional Test: Everything on schedule
What did we do?
Mr. Bieder from SEEGER ENGINEERING accompanied the function test as project manager. The corresponding valves were driven in their complete range of functions, the data was adjusted and approved by all parties involved, in our case by those responsible for production and quality assurance.

The valve is now prepared for delivery. This is delivered with the blow-out device, where it will later be rebuilt in the power plant. Then after installation, welding into the piping system in May and June, the entire piping system is usually blown out with steam to clean it, in order to remove sweat residues and chips. Then the hydraulic station is set up and retracted with the drives / valves. From BOMAFA's point of view everything is on schedule.

Highest availability and highest flexibility
The high demands on the availability and function of the valve and the fast and flexible service are a matter of course for us, they are the central components of our BOMAFA quality and competence. And it has been that way for 100 years. And that, we are proud of!

Bertram Gögelein, Managing Director BOMAFA summarizes: "BOMAFA is pleased in this project to be able to continue and deepen the long-standing, successful and trusting cooperation with RZR Herten and continue to provide our product and service in the best possible quality."

What does this have to do with revision and availability? We will report more on this soon.

As always, we will keep you up to date.

The Pictures shows:
Picture I, left: Inspection of the functioning of the unit, from left to right.
Mr. Propp (BOMAFA), Mr. Herrmann (BOMAFA QS) and Mr. Bieder (SEEGER ENGINEERING Project Manager)
Picture II, middle: The comparison of the data, from left to right.
Mr. Propp (BOMAFA), Mr. Herrmann (BOMAFA QS) and Mr. Bieder (SEEGER ENGINEERING project manager)
Picture III, right: All the best! Mister Herrmann (BOMAFA QS)
Pictures IV-VI: The fitting, prepared for transport



We start with: Optimizing the drive adaptation to BOMAFA valves

It is well known in the industry: the requirements placed on power plant valves have increased enormously in recent years as a result of the energy transition.

We are constantly working on optimizing our products and services, as we are engineering partners and solution providers for custom-made products tailored to our customers' requirements.

In order to demonstrate the high quality of our innovations and developments, this series gives us an insight into our technological work. Today’s article starts with the: "Current optimization of drive adaptation to BOMAFA valves".

The Challenge: Increased demands on the power plant components mean that the electronic communication and diagnostic options (eg HART protocols) must interact optimally.

Time is money in the power plant operation, and more important is the effectiveness of the entire system.

Positioners of various brands are always used in pneumatic drives. In addition to the feedback of the positioner, limit switches in electronic and mechanical design are frequently used. All components must be coordinated.

The Goal: To make compatibility with other systems much easier, to reduce production times and thus to reduce costs for our customers.

The solution: Clearly, with this optimization, we strive to make growing all these components as easy as possible. By changing the use of the lantern brackets, it has been possible to enable the use of standardized NAMUR mounting kits.

Our solution shows an improved arrangement (picture), from which these convincing advantages result:

• Simpler construction of the pointer (at the same time anti-rotation)
• Use of the Namur mounting kit for the positioner possible
• Simplified attachment of limit switches
• Better accessibility to the gland nut screws
• Assembly / disassembly of the drive is easier to maintain
• The coupling with five fixed tapped holes allows use with different strokes and positioners
• Increased stability for horizontally installed valves


Optimized ENG 22.02.2018