Turbine Bypass Systems

BOMAFA designs complete turbine bypass systems for high, medium and low pressure systems according to customer specifications. Investments and operating costs are minimized by a comprehensive adjustment of the entire system - ranging from HP Bypass to dump tubes at the condenser. Any design is made in accordance with the latest construction techniques and meets international safety and quality requirements. 

  • Designed for frequent use at power plants with KS-InductiveCoat 
  • Customized design with equal / linear / specific control characteristics
  • Water injection either integrated / downstream pressurized / downstream motive steam
  • Pneumatic, hydraulic actuators with optional safety function for rapid steam takeover (open / close) < 1 sec.
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In case of start-up, shut-down or malfunction of a turbine, turbine bypass valves are used to reduce the pressure and temperature of the steam medium according to the exact conditions of the downstream system. BOMAFA turbine bypass valves provide a combination of pressure-reduction and desuperheating. Hydraulic / Pneumatic actuators with optional safety functions allow for reaction times less than 1 second.

Special: Customized desuperheating

Each power plant is planned individually: Evaporation distances, steam velocities and temperature control must be implemented so that the entire system is cost-effectively optimized. For this reason, BOMAFA provides a number of technical variants for desuperheating that are tailored to your needs.

 Brochure: Steam Conditioning Valves and Turbine Bypass Systems



Steam Conditioning Valves

A steam conditioning valve has the task to reduce steam pressure in combination with a desuperheating process in order to guarantee the required steam properties. For a safe reduction of pressure, BOMAFA uses special multi-stage systems that enable a subcritical pressure reduction. By directly combining the cooling system and the valve a solid unit for permanent operation is created.

  • Designed for constant operation and fast service works
  • Customized design with equal percentage / linear / specific control characteristics
  • Desuperheating up to 5 °C above steam saturation point
  • Pneumatic, hydraulic actuators for precise controllability
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Field of application:

Steam conditioning valves - often referred to as reducing valves or PRDS - are responsible to ensure an exact control of steam parameters. As they work at the interface where steam is distributed within a plant, they must be designed for constant operation without standstill. 

Special: Modular, service-friendly design

BOMAFA steam conditioning valves have a modular design which enables fast servicing. During a revision period, all work can be carried out quickly and inexpensively. Moreover, BOMAFA guarantees for life-long availability of all spare parts.

 Brochure: Steam Conditioning Valves and Turbine Bypass Systems




Desuperheaters conduct the cooling of steam in the pipe. The injection of cooling wateris preferably carried out by BOMAFA desuperheaters in the region of the smallest flow crosssection, with correspondingly highest steam velocities. Due to the streamlined design, unintended pressure losses are effectively prevented. This means: the more accurate the steam contro is managedl, the more economical the result of the entire process will turn out.

  • Radial desuperheater with spring-loaded nozzles
  • Venturi desuperheater
  • Motive steam assisted desuperheater
  • Probe type desuperheater
  • Multi-stage controlled desuperheater
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Field of application:

BOMAFA offers desuperheaters precisely designed for your application. With the adequate type of injection, a high vapor quality as well as avoidance of downtime costs can be achieved.

 Brochure: Desuperheater



HP Gate Valves

The high pressure double disc gate valves developed by BOMAFA are designed for optimal use at high pressure classes. Through the cylindrical passage in the valve body, the speed of the flowing medium is not substantially changed. The pressure drop is almost as low as it would be in a pipe with the same dimensions.

  • Pressure seal
  • Flexible wedge plates with full guiding, hardfaced seat areas
  • Bypass systems for reducing opening forces
  • Overpressure safety devices (valves or rupture disc)
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The shut-off system of the double-wedge plate gate valve is characterized by the sealing plates on the inlet and outlet side being pressed tightly against the seat. Additionally, the sealing force is further enhanced through the medium pressure. Thus a complete sealing is ensured.

 Brochure: Gate Valves



Dump Tubes

Dump tubes are used in applications in which the pressure of gas or vapor-like media is greatly reduced. They are mostly used subsequently after LP-steam conditioning valves at the transition to a condenser.

  • Single- or multi-stage
  • Probe type, partial or full cover (bell-shape)
  • Effective noise reduction
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Field of application:

The great advantage of a dump tube is that a multi-stage pressure reduction and the resulting expansion of the pipe diameter (partly over DN 2500) can be implemented inexpensively. They also contribute significantly to the control of noise emissions.

 Brochure: Dump Tubes



Water Injection Control Valves

The valves control the water injection into steam conditioning or boiler systems. In addition to BOMAFA low pressure spray water injection control valves, our high pressure valves cope with severe operating conditions from PN160 onward. The labyrinth disc design with its multiple stages contributes to a high controllability of water flow. Flashing can be handled securely. Easy maintenance on site is guaranteed by the modular design.

  • Labyrinth discs with multiple reducing stages (up to 20 stages)
  • Applicable for a high delta P across the valve
  • High controllability and secure handling of flashing
  • High wear resistance


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